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                                                   RUDE CLIENTS

         We have run into a series of very rude potential clients. We have a policy in our office of doing a great deal of pro bono work. This means work that we don't charge for. This not only includes representation in court but also we give many hours of free advice.

         When a potential client calls our office we do not charge for the consultation. Sometimes we can analyze the problem in a few minutes and sometimes it takes a couple of hours. However, we never charge for this advice and we are careful to make sure the potential client leaves with a complete understanding of the problem and the potential solutions.

         Because we are still a business, I will follow up with an email, a phone call or a text message a few days, a week or even a month later to inquire if the person is interested in retaining our firm for a bankruptcy proceeding or if they have decided to work things out on their own. I never pressure someone into filing bankruptcy unless I feel there is no other option or that they are in danger of causing themselves even more problems by failing to take some immediate action. Even then my approach is more low key than you would think.

         However, when I call the person ignores my calls, does not respond at all, or hangs up. Many times when they do answer they are very curt, say they are not interested and immediately disconnect. This is just plain rude.
         If I call more than once, or appear pushy, it is not because I am trying to make a sale. It is only because I saw something in your case out of the ordinary that caused me concern and I felt that not only was bankruptcy your only option, but an option you needed to exercise quickly.  For example, if you are running a business with substantial debt, the filing of the bankruptcy stops the interest on that debt. If you have a home with equity, again filing the bankruptcy reduces the interest you are paying on the consumer debt. This is a substantial advantage to filing quickly as the debt goes up each and every day.

        People forget that they called me. I do not solicit clients. If you called me you have a problem. I am merely doing my job to follow up.  The problem is not going to solve itself. It is not going to go away. You may not like what I have to say but it will be the truth and it will be accurate. So if I do call you back, grow up. Face the fact that if you placed the call to me to begin with you are already bankrupt, you just don't know it yet.  You need to face the solution head on and solve the problem with the help of professionals. You cannot do it on your own.


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