M.J. Shanahan & Assoc. Inc. - Living with debt is like living in Hell!
Tell Us About Your Financial Situation By Briefly Answering A Few Questions. Your Answers Will Remain Anonymous If You Wish.
Are you married? And whether you are or not how many dependents do you have under the age of 18 or over 65?
What is your total household monthly income before taxes?
Do you own any Real Property and if so are you current on your payments?
If you own Real Property, do you owe more on it than it is worth?
Do you own any rental properties? If so how many and describe?
How many vehicles of any kind do you own and are they paid for?
How much do you think you owe excluding mortgages and car payments?
How much of your debt is related to taxes and student loans? Older taxes are dischargeable but student loans are not.
How much of your debt is related to a failed or existing business?
Do you have any questions besides cost? Cost depends on the type of bankruptcy so we need more detail to respond to that question.
Do you want us to contact you? If so tell us how? We won't bother you.
                                              Help us evaluate your problem!
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