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Tell Us About Your Financial Situation By Briefly Answering A Few Questions.*

Are you married? How Many Dependents*

What is your total household monthly income before taxes?*

Do you own any Real Property and if so are you current on your payments?*

For each Real Property tell me the value and what you owe counting all liens i.e. First mortgage, HELOCK, Solar etc.*

Do you own any rental properties? If so how many and describe?*

How many vehicles of any kind do you own and are they paid for?*

How much do you think you owe excluding mortgages and car payments?*

How much of your debt is related to taxes and student loans?*

How much of your debt is related to a failed or existing business?*

Do you have any questions besides cost?*

Do you want us to contact you? If so tell us how? We won't bother you.*

Help us evaluate your problem!

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