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Hope you enjoy the pics!! They have nothing to do with Bankruptcy!!!

Maureen and Michael

Michael's Hobby

Puzzle of Love (Search Amazon or


With Grandchildren


I didn't do it!! Really!


I didn't do it!!! Really!

Colin (Marissa's Son)

I didn't do it!!! Really! Like mother like son!!


Watching over me to make sure I'm working


Sleeping Pitt

Sandy & Jake

Lets go for a walk!

I'll pull.


I'd rather ride

than walk.


What is this stuff?


I own the Doberman!

Maureen and Cole

With Grandson

Our Family In Italy

Kong and Jake

Do you really think you're leaving?

Driving In Italy

This is a four lane highway!!!

Just Push Him Off the Road, It's OK

Into the ditch with you!!


Excuse Me!

What about me!!!

On the Beach in Florida

Jay and Marissa

A Wedding Dance

Jay and Marissa

A Wedding in the Rain

Matthew and Nicolette

Rain is Good Luck

Mathew and Nicolette

Taking My Girl For A Ride

Jake and Sandy

I Just Let Him Think He's Driving

Jake and Sandy

Maybe This Driving Thing Is Not So Much Fun

Jake and Sandy

A Dog's Life. Really!!


Jake Leading a Dog's Life


My Mom at

My Age!!


Wearing Mom's Clothes Already!!


Christmas with the Children

Sandy, Loreli and Tucker

Gigi when she first arrived

Gigi a Few

Weeks Later

Sandy Knows What to Do

The Current Gang of Three

The Gang Having a Sleepover

The Late Ali-G 

The Late Tucker

The Late Danni

Wherever You Go I Go

Rusty, The New Addition

            Rusty, The New Shelter Dog                                                    Making friend with Lucky                                                      The New Pack

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